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Products & Applications

Find your product: We offer you comprehensive but compact information on all our equipment and machines in every category. 
We are also happy to develop products to suit your specifications - from welding systems to air heaters.

Flat roof

From manual welding device to automatic welding machines, testing equipment and accessories - everything you need for reliable plastics processing on flat roofs.

Heater / Blower / Ignitors

Reliable built-in devices for industrial process heat with a huge range of modification options.

Apparatus and tank construction

Innovative ideas, ergonomic handles and matching accessories ensure safe and effortless work.


Manual welding extruders in many sizes and performance classes, industrial extruders and extruders for robotics, automation and 3D printing applications.

Heating and bending machines

Whether it is acrylic, plexiglass, PC, PVC, PP, PE, Forex, etc. Bending machines and equipment for many materials up to 25mm thickness.

Civil engineering

Durable machines with and without recording of parameters for civil engineering, pond and tunnel construction.

Awnings / Banners

Whether on the table or on the floor - with our tools you work safely, quickly and efficiently.

Pipe and plate welding

Pipe welding machines for trenches and workshops as well as plate welding machines up to 4m width.


Tools designed for the specific material allow reliable work in any situation.


From the all-round facility manager to the specialized professional - with our tools you have the processing of thermoplastic materials totally under control.

Welding wire

Plastic welding wires in many materials, shapes and colours. Also in small quantities.

Filament for 3D-Printer

Filaments for 3D printing from our own production. Also available as OEM or wage fabrication.