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Heating and bending machines

Plastic bending machines with heating wire TGG 30 & TGG 125

Table-top heating boards from the TG range: TG 100, TG 150, TG 200, TG 250...

Table-top heating boards from the TGmO range: 100m0 up to 300m0

Table-top bending template TBS 125 & 175

Heating stages type HBR 100 to HBR 300

Type HBR 100-K to HBR 300-K

Edging benches from the AB range

Multiple heating stage MHT100- MHT300

Bending template BS 120 to 220

Manual heating blade of the type HS 100 to HS 200

Get advantage of our know how.

Get benefit of our professionell made machines „made in Germany“ in the fields of Sign making, booth construction, machine building, pool construction, window construction,
machine coverings, advertising, noise protection, piping control & secure systems, apparatus construction, tank building, packaging, switch cabinets, canopies, etc.

Our product range includes everything needed for heating and edging thermoplastic panels with a material thickness from 0,25 to 20mm from the small entry-level model
to the professional machine.

Hot forming or thermoforming comprise the forming of thermoplastic semi-finished products such as panels and films using directed heating.

When heated up, thermoplastics lose their solidness so they can be bended easily.

Different formats, forming temperatures and behaviours when heated up as well as the intended application determine the respective bending machine that suit the most.
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