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Trench machines PT


The heating element butt welding machines of type series PT are robust and powerful and thus suited for the pipe trench as well as for workshop application.

The trench machines are suited for welding PE, PE100, PP, PVDF and other thermoplastic materials in pipe diameters ranging from 40 mm to a maximum of 1600 mm. On the right and left sides of the machine, there is a double clamping device with quick clamps which are guided by two hydraulic cylinders. An electrical hydraulic
unit operates this double clamping device to ensure the precise joining of the pipes.

The heating element is equipped with a high-quality PTFE coating to prevent the parts from sticking to it. The temperature is electronically controlled and visualised by means of a digital display.

Newly developed reduction clamping inserts allow to convert the machine for another pipe diameter in a matter of seconds without loosening any screws. The facing tool and the heating element are
suspended from the guide shafts when used and then for storage they are placed in the provided transport box.
As an option, it is possible to supply a recording device. In addition to the control function, it guides the user step by step through the welding cycle. After completing the welding process, a welding
record is printed for documentation purposes. Owing to the development of special modules and software, manually operated trench machines can be converted to trench machines with semi-
and fully automatic control (CNC).

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