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Analogue-digital converter

Analogue-digital converter: 0-1 0VDC o 4-20mA DC on 24VDC PWM signal

The signal converter converts the input signal (0-lOVDC or 4-20mA DC) in 0-100% pulse width modulation (PWM) with 24VDC output.
Vibration package control by pulse width modulation.

External control of all HERZ air heaterswhen using an analogue control signal (inputO-lOVDC or4-20mA DC=0-100%output)

Input 0-1 0VDC -output 24VDC PWM: Part no. 5202111
Input 4-20mA DC · output 24VDC PWM: Part no. 5202112

Item no. Description
5202111 Analogue-digital converter 0-10V DC/24VDC PWM signal
5202112 Analogue-digital converter: Input 4-20mA DC · output 24VDC PWM
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